About Us

Kalapurna was founded in 1994 and serves a diverse range of industries. offering a wide variety of high-value products to industries both large and small.

Kalapurna was incorporated in 1994 and has been serving a wide spectrum of industries including Aerospace, Marine, Navy, Defence, Space, R&D Centres, Chemical, Petrochemicals and Automotive Engineering Companies. Our seamless operations enable us to offer a wide array of aerospace products and services. Our company has succeeded in providing high value-products to industries, both large and small. We have collaboration with product manufacturers. We take pride in meeting the specific needs of our clients and focus on unique solutions and source even the smallest component to meet the customer specification.

Kalapurna has a smart dedicated team as its workhorse. Our ISO 9001 and AS9120 certifications are proof of our total commitment to the most rigorous standards of excellence and you will find evidence of it in every product we supply.


At Kalapurna, we plan to be one of the premier players in an industry that is constantly evolving. Even as the customer demands are ever changing, we are able to meet the challenges by deploying our business strategies and staying ahead in the competition. We have consistently proven our competitive edge in the business arena.

Our team is eager to work with you creatively to support your program at the bottom level. You can rest assured of the excellence of the products and the value-added services we provide exceeding your expectations. For us every assignment is an opportunity to secure successful results with timely delivery and unsurpassed customer satisfaction.

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