Titanium Alloy

Titanium Grade 5 (Ti6Al-4V) is the most commonly used alloy. Ti6Al4V is significantly stronger than other commercially pure titanium whilst still retaining the same stiffness and thermal properties (excluding thermal conductivity). Titanium Grade 5 is extensively used in Aerospace, Medical, Marine, and Chemical Processing.

Titanium alloy grade 5
Titanium Alloy

Availability :

We also offer different variations like Ti GRADE 5 AMS 4928 and Titanium 6Al4V which are available in Bar, Billet, Castings, Extrusion, Plate, Sheet, Strip, Wire, Welding Wire, Rings, and Forgings. For further stock and size information contact Sales.

Specifications :

  • AMS 4907 ELI Sheet, strip, plate (annealed- ELI)
  • AMS 4911 Sheet, strip, plate (annealed)
  • AMS 4928 Bar, wire, forgings (annealed)
  • AMS 4930 ELI Bar, wire, forgings (annealed- ELI)
  • AMS 4931 ELI Bar, wire, forgings (duplex annealed- ELI)
  • AMS 4963 Bar, wire, forgings (modified strength)
  • AMS 4965 Bar, wire, forgings (solution treated & aged)
  • AMS 4967 Bar, wire, forgings (annealed, heat treatable)
  • AMS 4985 Investment castings (130ksi UTS)
  • AMS 4991 Investment castings (Hot Isostatic Pressed)
  • AMS 6931 Bar, wire, forgings (annealed)
  • AMS 6932 Bar, wire, forgings (annealed- ELI)
  • AMS-T-9046 AB-1 Sheet, strip, plate (annealed)
  • AMS-T-9046 AB-2 (ELI) Sheet, strip, plate (annealed- ELI)
  • AMS-T-9047 6Al-4v Bar, wire, forgings (annealed)
  • AMS-T-9047 6Al-4v (ELI) Bar, wire, forgings (annealed- ELI)
  • MIL-T-9046J AB-1 Sheet, strip, plate (annealed)
  • MIL-T-9046J AB-2 (ELI) Sheet, strip, plate (annealed- ELI)
  • MIL-T-9046H Type 3 Comp C Sheet, strip, plate (annealed)
  • MIL-T-9046H Type 3 Comp D Sheet, strip, plate (annealed- ELI)
  • MIL-T-9047 6Al-4v Bar, wire, forgings (annealed)
  • MIL-T-9047 6Al-4v (ELI) Bar, wire, forgings (annealed- ELI)
  • BS 3 TA10 sheet,strip
  • BS 3 TA11 bar
  • BS 2 TA12 forging stock
  • BS 2 TA13 forgings
  • BS 3 TA28 forging stock, wire